Eastern States 20 Mile

March 30, 2014
Portsmouth High School to Hampton Beach
New Hampshire

Preface: Eastern States 20 Mile was a bit of a breakout run for me mentally. Almost all of my training is conducted on very hilly courses, and I had no idea what to expect going into the race. I’ve decided to write this recap in a slightly different style from my typical race reports.

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Land Between the Lakes 50 Mile

March 8, 2014
Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
Grand Rivers, KY

I registered for Land Between the Lakes in a desperate effort to escape the arctic Northeast. Scenic, smooth, and very much runnable, the course sounded like an ideal place to shoot for a 50 mile personal best. Yet as appears to be the case with all of the races I’ve entered as of late, I seem have a knack for bringing bad weather with me wherever I travel. In the days leading up to the event, Western Kentucky was pummeled by a freak snowstorm. I was hopeful that the trails might drain out to some extent, but en route to Grand Rivers it became quite apparent that the snow was there to stay. The kind folks at packet pickup confirmed my inkling - conditions out on the course were going to be tough.

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The Trail to Redemption: a Rocky Raccoon 100 Race Report

I am honored to be a contributing writer over at Far North Endurance. Below is a cross-post of the most recent article in my “From Trails for Trials” series, in which I chronicle my efforts to balance fast marathons and trail ultras as I train towards qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Check out the full version over at Far North Endurance.

A Finish and a DNF

Three years ago, on February 5, 2011, I ran my first 100 mile race, the Rocky Raccoon 100 in Texas. My decision to register for the event was spontaneous, fueled by a little too much caffeine and the encouragement of a couple of friends. Although I had run a few ultramarathons that year, my training at that point in life primarily consisted of long mountain hikes. Toeing the starting line on that cold, cold morning at Huntsville State Park, I truly had no idea if I could travel such a distance. My primary goal, as is the case with many first 100-mile attempts, was simply to finish. Twenty-five hours and 10 minutes later, I crossed the finish line hand-in-hand with my boyfriend, Rob, the warmth of the rising sun beating against our backs. It was a surreal, defining moment for me—one that I struggle to accurately convey with words.

As it turned out, Rocky Raccoon was also the sight of my first DNF. Inspired by the memories of the year prior, Rob and I returned to Huntsville State Park in 2012 to run the race for a second time. A beast of a storm hit Texas that weekend, saturating the course with four inches of rain. The wonderful, pine-covered trails of my memory were quickly transformed into mud pits of epic proportions. Soaked, sore, and disheartened, I pulled out from the race at mile 60.

The DNF left me feeling hollow. I knew that nothing would ever placate that empty feeling until I returned to Texas and completed what I had left unfinished. On July 23 of last year, I—once again somewhat spontaneously!—informed Rob that I planned on running the 2014 race. If that meant crawling out the final loop, then I would crawl. The only thing on my mind was finishing.

At the time of my registration, Rocky was not a Montrail Ultra Cup race, nor had it been selected as the USATF 100 Mile Trail Championship event. When the news broke about these two things, I immediately found myself signed up to run what would be my most competitive ultramarathon to date. The entrants list was soon filled with the names of tremendously speedy women. I was beyond excited to share the course which such talented runners, but also nervous. Throughout my buildup to the race, I made sure to keep my top level goal in mind—redemption.
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Lookout Mountain 50 Mile and Pre-Rocky 100 Race Thoughts

It’s shameful to think that I’ve not updated this blog for almost two months. Between work and training, life has been a bit of a blur as of late. Time really does fly when commitments pull you every which way, and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’m now less than a week out from my first big race of 2014. Oddly, the typical taper tantrum antsiness (is that even a word?) and pre-race nerves have not hit me yet. Ask me how I’m feeling in a day or two and I’m sure my response will be completely different, but for now I shall channel this calm taper buzz into a brief recap of the past 8 weeks…
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New Series: From Trails to Trials

I’m excited to announce that I am now a contributing writer over at Far North Endurance. My new blog series – From Trails to Trials – will chronicle my efforts to balance fast marathons and trail ultras as I train towards qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials.

My top priority is to write content that is of interest, so please do let me know if there are any topics you’d like me to cover as I embark upon this new adventure.

Huge thanks to Far North for the opportunity to share my experiences with your readers. Check out my first post here

Running at Bear Brook State Park


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